ZAStore Overcharging Online

Apple recently dropped the price of the Apple TV in the US from $99 to $69 but in South Africa we have not seen this price drop yet. A process that should take a few hours still hasn’t happened.

We noticed that the Apple TV disappeared from iStore Online website ( a few days before Apple lowered the price of the Apple TV. The search feature on the website returned no results. We then contacted iStore to enquire about the Apple TV. We were give a link to the ZAstore ( website with the Apple TV listed for R1 399, the normal selling price.

After some digging we managed to find the Apple TV on the iStore Online website for a special price of R 1 199, a R200 difference. If I had paid the R1 399 would ZAStore have given me a refund once I discovered the price difference?

After notifying them of the price difference they still haven’t made any changes. Interestedly the iStore Online website and ZA Store website are run by the same people.