The future of iGenius is in your hands

I originally started iGenius to provide people with news about Apple in South Africa. I dedicated a huge amount of time and effort to provide the information relevant to South Africas. It is this goal that has been my driving force since I started and has kept me going even when it has cost me money.

This year I have had to make a decision to either close the page completely or find a way to make it make some income. My original decision was to close it but I feel like I would be letting you all down.

So this is my plea: I am opening up some space for businesses to advertise on the website. If you have a business that believe would benefit from advertising on this site please consider it and if necessary contact me and lets talk.

+- 5000 unique visitors per month

During iPhone launch in September and October the site gets over 50 000 unique visitors per month.

Complete website branding: R15 000 per month

Post about your business: R1 000 once off

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