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iPhone 7 Price on MTN

iPhone 7 Price on MTN

If you getting an iPhone 7 on contract with MTN, Good Luck. MTN contract and pricing is so complicated and confusing!

MTN Airtime SMS Data iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus
32GB 128GB 256GB 32GB 128GB 256GB
MTN Minute 100 100 Minutes 200 500 MB R669 R739 R809 R769 R839 R909
MTN Minute 200 200 Minutes 300 500 MB R789 R859 R929 R889 R959 R1029
MTN Minute 350 350 Minutes 500 1GB R859 R929 R999 R959 R1029 R1099
MTN Minute 500 500 Minutes 500 1GB R979 R1049 R1119 R1079 R1149 R1219
MTN Minute 1000 1000 Minutes 500 2GB R1339 R1409 R1479 R1439 R1509 R1579
MTN Anytime 200 Top-up R210 Airtime 25 R659 R729 R799 R759 R829 R899
MTN Anytime 350 Top-up R370 Airtime 50 R779 R849 R919 R879 R949 R1019
MTN Anytime 500 Top-up R525 Airtime 50 R889 R959 R1029 R989 R1059 R1129
MTN Anytime 750 Top-up R800 Airtime 100 R1099 R1169 R1239 R1199 R1269 R1339
MTN Anytime 1200 Top-up R1300 Airtime 100 R1519 R1589 R1659 R1619 R1689 R1759
MTN Anytime 1500 Top-up R1600 Airtime 100 R1749 R1819 R1889 R1849 R1919 R1989
MTN Sky Lite Unlimited Unlimited 3GB R1499 R1599 R1699 R1599 R1699 R1799
MTN Sky Medium Unlimited Unlimited 15GB R1989 R2089 R2189 R2089 R2189 R2289
MTN Sky Max Unlimited Unlimited 25GB R2259 R2359 R2459 R2359 R2459 R2559
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LTE coming next week?

LTE coming next week?

Apple have confirmed that next week 36 more carriers will receive LTE support. Although they didn’t confirm the names of the carriers we have reason to believe the Vodacom and possibly MTN are on that list. Vodacom have suggested that they will open their LTE network to iPhone 5 uses by the end of January.

Vodacom and MTN have both enabled their LTE networks to by used by people with compatible devices. CellC have opened up a trial to test their LTE network but have stated that they won’t completely open it until the Department of Communication have released spectrum specifically for LTE.

If you are on CellC I wouldn’t be too concerned about this as CellC has a world class HSPA+ network which is only marginally slower that Vodacom and MTN’s LTE networks.

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MTN launch LTE

MTN launch LTE

MTN have announced that they will launch their LTE network before the end of the year. The launch will start in Johannesburg and will move to Durban and Cape Town.

The department of communication has withheld the release of LTE in South Africa due to spectrum allocation. MTN however are making use some of their existing spectrum for LTE purposes. This is no an ideal situation but due to the release of the iPhone 5 which offers LTE, MTN have decided to not wait any longer. This does pose problem for cities like Cape Town as they have a very limited spectrum.

MTN’s LTE service will offer speeds of between 2Mbps and 66Mbps. A significant increase from existing ADSL offers.

Samsung Galaxy S3 users will be excited about the announcement as the S3 has LTE services up to 20Mbps.

When the iPhone 5 launches in South Africa uses will benefit greatly from the MTN LTE network.

Blackberry as this moment do not have a phone that offers LTE services but are expected to launch the Blackberry 10 range of phones in 2013 which will offer LTE.

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