iPhone 7 Price on CellC

Cell C Airtime SMS Data iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus
32GB 128GB 256GB 32GB 128GB 256GB
Pinnacle 150 150 minutes 150 150MB R599
Pinnacle 250 250 minutes 250 250MB R699 R799 R879 R799 R899 R959
Pinnacle 400 400 minutes 400 400MB R799 R899 R979 R899 R999 R1059
Pinnacle 600 600 minutes 600 1000MB R899 R999 R1079 R999 R1099 R1159
Pinnacle 1000 1000 minutes 1000 2000MB R1099 R1199 R1279 R1199 R1299 R1359
Pinnacle Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 3GB R1369 R1449 R1539 R1479 R1559 R1639

iPhone 6 Price on CellC (Expected)

Previously we have released our expected Vodacom iPhone 6 price and MTN iPhone 6 price. Apple has since then announced the iPhone 6 will be released on the 24 October in South Africa.

Now it is time to reveal our Cell C iPhone 6 price

Cell C Airtime SMS Data iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus
16GB 64GB 128GB 16GB 64GB 128GB
ChatMore 200 200 Minutes 0 150 MB R589 R689 R769 R689 R769 R849
ChatMore 400 400 Minutes 0 300 MB R709 R819 R909 R829 R909 R999
SmartChat 2GB 50 Minutes 0 1 GB Anytime
1 GB Night Time
R579 R689 R779 R689 R779 R829
SmartChat 3GB 75 Minutes 0 1.5 GB Anytime
1.5 GB Night Time
R619 R739 R819 R739 R819
Infinity Select Unlimited Unlimited 3 GB R1799 R1999 R1999 R1999 R1999 R1999

Galaxy S5 more expensive than iPhone 5s

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 set for the 11 April 2014 in South Africa the prices have now become available from Vodacom, MTN and Cell C.

Although the Apple iPhone 5s has already been available in South Africa for 6 months already it is interesting to compare prices.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 on Cell C will cost an extra R50 a month compared to the iPhone 5s.

On a Straight Up 200 Cell C is offering the iPhone 5s at R499 per month (200 minutes, 200 SMS, 200MB + 33MB). On the same contract Cell C is offering the Samsung Galaxy S5 at R549 per month (200 minutes, 22 SMS, 200MB + 800MB).

Cell C are giving a massive amount of data with the Galaxy S5 which makes the contract very attractive. When looking back at out records Cell C offer the iPhone 5s on the same contract at R549 at launch. Both the Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 5s carried the same price tag at launch however the iPhone 5s is already 6 months old.

Expect to see a slight increase in price with the iPhone 6.

CellC releases LTE for iPhone 5

Cell C have quietly opened up LTE for iPhone 5 users. We received a tip early on 11 May that there was a carrier update available which would enable LTE on the iPhone 5. Upon further investigation it seems that Cell C had even informed Apple about the change as the Apple website now shows that Cell C supports LTE in South Africa, 10 days ago this page didn’t have Cell C listed.

LTE available on iPhone 5
LTE available on iPhone 5

You can enable LTE on your Cell C iPhone 5 by going to Settings, General, Cellular, and there should be an Enable LTE option there. If the option is not available go to Settings, General, Cellular, Cellular Data Network and at the bottom Reset Settings. It will let you know that there are new network carrier settings, this will update your settings to enable LTE.

According to the Cell C website LTE is still under trial and will only be available for DATA and not voice. Here are the LTE coverage maps for South Africa.

Johannesburg LTE coverage map on CellC
Johannesburg LTE coverage map on CellC
Durban LTE coverage map on CellC
Durban LTE coverage map on CellC
Cape Town LTE coverage map on CellC
Cape Town LTE coverage map on CellC
Pretoria LTE coverage map on CellC
Pretoria LTE coverage map on CellC

CellC launches LTE trial

Cell C has announced the launch of its much-anticipated Long Term Evolution (LTE) data trial.

A select group of heavy data customers that fall in coverage areas have been identified to form part of Cell C’s free trial LTE service. They will receive a Huawei LTE dongle and 100GB of data to test the company’s service for a limited time.

Cell C currently has sites live on LTE, in each of the trial cities; namely Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria. The company plans to 100 sites before the end of the year.

Cell C does not intend to rollout LTE on a national scale until there is more clarity regarding government’s broadband plans. Cell C would like to see the formation of a consortium consisting of both private and government entities that will be enabled to roll-out a national LTE network, using the spectrum that becomes available when broadcasters switch from analogue to digital.

Unlike other networks in South Africa who are in a race to have the biggest LTE network in South Africa, Cell C seems to be taking a different approach. Cell C are more interested in doing LTE the correct way, not the make shift job.

LTE as it is at the moment is only about 3,8G and can’t be clarified as 4G. However LTE Advanced in true 4G.

Cell C got into some trouble when it launched it’s HSPA+ network and called it 4G.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if Cell C eventually launched an LTE Advanced network which in the correct terminology would be 4G.

CellC accepting pre-orders for iPhone 5

CellC have already begun accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 5 which is set to launch on Vodacom, MTN and CellC on the 14 December 2012.

Vodacom will be accepting pre-orders on the 7 December 2012. There have been no word yet from MTN.

To pre-order your CellC iPhone 5 Click Here

iPhone 5, Cell C, South Africa

iPhone 5 pre-order

CellC iPhone 4s deal

CellC have an amazing deal on iPhones this month. If you are not iPhonating (waiting for the new iPhone) then consider these great deals:

The first is a iPhone 4 8GB with 50 free minutes, 50 sms’s and 350Mb Data for only R249pm

CellC, iPhone 4s

The second is a iPhone 4s 32GB with 200 free minutes, 200 sms’s and 500Mb Data for only R499pm

CellC, iPhone 4s

The third is a iPhone 4s 64GB with 400 free minutes, 400 sms’s and 700Mb Data for only R649pm

CellC, iPhone 4s

CellC set to launch LTE


CellC has release information about their plans to launch their LTE network in Cape Town and Durban by the end of 2012. This is good news for people who live in Cape Town as Vodacom has stated that their LTE network will not be available in Cape Town until mid 2013.

Alan Knott-Craig, CEO of CellC stated that the intitial phase will be a trail period until the government finalises its position on a national wholesale LTE network. He also stated that CellC will be targeting high end users and supplying them with devices that are LTE compatiable.

This might be interesting for users looking to get the new iPhone 5. CellC has one of the fastest network in the country at the moment with their HSDPA+ network. Only Vodacom’s LTE network is faster but only available in Johannesburg and reaching Durban and Pretoria soon.

iPhone users in Cape Town should be extremely excited about this as it will provide them with an LTE network which Vodacom and MTN won’t be doing until mid 2013.

The really interesting point will be the price of the iPhone 5 in South Africa when it is released. We are still awaiting news about a possible release date.