Samsung Announce Galaxy S5 with Fingerprint Sensor and a Gold option

If you didn’t think Samsung was coping Apple you now have more reason to believe they are. Samsung recently released the Galaxy S5 with a 5.1-inch Galaxy S5 includes a fingerprint sensor built into the device’s home button, mirroring Apple’s own Touch ID introduced with the iPhone 5s.

Unlike Touch ID, which utilizes a round home button that captures a motionless fingerprint, Samsung’s sensor is activated using a swiping motion that scans the finger from base to tip as the phone utilizes a rectangular home button.

Apple were not the first company to use fingerprint scanner technology but it does seem blatant that Samsung does it within 6 months of Apple adding it to the iPhone 5s. But the most blatant copy might be the use of the colour Gold. Gold devices are extremely popular in China and it is not surprise that Samsung would create a Gold product but once again… just after Apple have done it?

Overall the Samsung does pack in some nice high end specs compared to the iPhone 5s, which is 6 months old so caparison is not that accurate. The Samsung has a 16MP camera compared to the 8MP on the iPhone. However MP are not all that matters in a camera and the iPhone does have the most popular camera in the world. Expect a nice improvement in the iPhone 6.

All the other specs offer a better experience but to the general user will mostly go unnoticed. One thing that did come as a surprise is the marked departure from the company’s previous strategy of cramming in every software feature under the sun, which leads us to wonder if this is related to Samsung’s recent agreement to dial back the customization it does on Android devices.