Steve Jobs on Branding

I found this clip of Steve Jobs talking a bit about Branding/Marketing. He may not go to deep into what Apple do but he also shows how simple it is. Just remember this is a guy who has created on of if not the best Brand EVER!

iPod Revolution

I watched this video on TV the other day and thought it explained a lot of what I have been saying about Apple and their Marketing. Although they make it sound like the iPod stumbled into success, I believe it was carefully planned by Steve Jobs.

There are lots of great tips for Marketing people and entrepreneurs. Hope you enjoy…

How to set up Home Sharing on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

With the release of iOS 4.3 Apple opened up the option to steam content from your iTunes library onto your iOS device. People who have use an Apple TV will know how this works.

When I heard about this I was extremely excited but couldn’t get it to work. After much searching I found out how to steam content from my Mac to my iPhone and iPad. Steaming can also be done from a PC.

How to set up Home Sharing…


  1. Open iTunes on your Mac/PC
  2. Go to Preferences
  3. Select the Sharing option at the top
  4. Select “Share my  library on my local network”


You can select what content from iTunes you want to share or you can share all content. You can add a password by it is not required.

From your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch


  1. Open Settings
  2. Select the iPod option
  3. Under Home Sharing fill in your Apple ID and password


Home sharing will now allow you to listen to or watch contact from your itunes library on you iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch within your local wireless network.

To play content from your Mac/PC on your iPhone or iPod Touch…


  1. Open iPod Application
  2. Select “More” at the bottom left
  3. Select “Shared” from the options
  4. Then choose the library you wish to use and enjoy!


To play content from your Mac/PC on your iPad..


  1. Open iPod Application
  2. At the top left of the screen under the volume slider it says Library, Select it
  3. Choose the Library you wish and use and enjoy!


If you wish to view video’s on the iPad (because there is a separate application)…


  1. Open Video Application
  2. At the top it has the following options – Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, Shared.
  3. Select Shared
  4. Choose the Library you wish and use and enjoy!


If you wish to download iOS 4.3 for your iPhone 4, click here

If you wish to download iOS 4.3 for your iPad 1, click here

If you wish to download iOS 4.3 for your iPhone 3Gs, click here


iPad 2

Apple released the iPad 2 at a special media event. Not much has changed from the previous model but as always it is a much better product.

There is nothing revolutionary about the iPad 2. It is fast and slimmer. It is available in black and white (from the beginning). It carriers the same battery life (10 hours), storage space (16GB, 32GB, 64GB) and price (starting at $499) as the iPad 1 and comes in either WiFi only or WiFi plus 3G. It has a front (VGA) and back (HD 720) facing camera which is the biggest plus for me.

Some thing that Apple has done which is pretty cool but I’m not sure how popular they will be, is they have created this great covers that magnetically cover the front of the iPad 2 and keep it clean.

They also come in a range of different colours

The other thing Apple released was iMove and Garageband for the iPad. These apps look really amazing and i look forward to playing with them. Both are priced at $4.99

I think the question most people will ask is “should I buy the iPad 2 if I already has the iPad 1? As always my advice… it depends. I was looking forward to the iPad 2 because of FaceTime which is now available which means I am going to be getting one when I have some money.

Marketing tips from Apple – Tip 5

Surprise and Delight

This is a simple concept to grasp. Basically go one step further for your customers. Don’t just accept giving them good, give them great!

Apple does this through many different ways but one of the best it the packaging of Apple product. It is amazing that when it comes to sell a Apple product second hand that if you still have the original box it is more valuable. There really is something special about opening an Apple product from the box. It’s no wonder that people love to watch the unboxing of Apple product when they are released.

Apple weren’t the first to use this trick and are not the only ones that use it today. The first example of this concept was in the late 1800 when caramelized popcorn was invented.

Starbucks use this concept in many ways. One example was a author was up late one night working on an article when he decided he needed a break. He decided to go down to the local Starbucks. He was so looking forward to his treat. When he got to the store all the nights were off. He went to look at the sign to see their opening times to discover that he was an hour early. As he turn to walk away the door opened and a barista asked whether he would like a cup of coffee.

It cost Starbucks nothing to server this customer but it created a customer for life. What can you do to surprise and delight your customers? What can you do to differentiate yourself from your competitions.

iPad 2 release 2 March

Companies have begun receiving invitations to a media event next week from Apple.


The invite suggests the release of the new iPad 2, as the picture in the background is the current iPad. There have been many rumours about the iPad 2 but I am sure we will see plenty more come in the next week.

WiFi Hotspot + iPad

iStores in South Africa have started selling iPads with WiFi Hotspot devices that can be used on the cellular network of your choice.

The Huawei E5 device is a similair size as a 3G dongle that you would normally use but doesn’t use any cables to connect. It connects to your selected mobile carrier and then creates a wireless network that can be used by 5 different devices to connect to the internet.

The device can be purchased from any iStore in South Africa for R1499.

Here are the option with an iPad

16GB iPad – R5599

32GB iPad – R6599

64GB iPad – R7599

This is an awesome idea however there are some limitations to this device. It you are considering this option I suggest you go with the MiFi device or wait until Apple release the next software update for all iOS devices that will enable you to create a hotspot from your iPhone or iPad.


on 2011-02-22 13:04 by Apple News

The prices display above are actually the exact same as buying a 3G version of the iPad, which with the next software update will allow you to do what this device is offering. I suggest you don’t buy one and wait for the software update.

3G contracts are not included in this price and will add extra fees.

Which iPad should I buy?

I get asked this question a lot so thought I would give you the best answer and that is that I can’t tell you, you have to decided but I will help you understand which one will suit your needs.

The first thing to not is that if you have an iPhone you should buy a WiFi only iPad because with the next software release you will be able to use the internet from your iPhone on your iPad

There are two questions you need to ask to determine which iPad to buy. First – Do I need to use the internet on the go? If you answer yes to this question you will need a 3G iPad if No that you will need a WiFi only iPad.

I know a lot of people that have bought WiFi only iPad to just use at home on their wireless network. This is a great option if that is what you want it for.

Secondly, how much space do you need? If you are not into putting music and movies on your iPad then get the 16GB, but if you are like me and want everything on your iPad then get the 64GB.

The second question is really important because it you go too small then you will get frustrated. I always suggest that you buy a little bigger than your current needs because there is always the chance that your needs might change.

My personal recommendation is if you own and iPhone buy the WiFi only 64GB and if you don’t have an iPhone then get one!

Marketing tips from Apple – Tip 4

Make the Message Memorable

This is almost common sense but most people seem to forget about it. We only have a short period of time to get our customers attention. It is even harder to get them to remember the message.

But lucky for us we have Apple to learn from, they have been the masters of this right from the beginning. Remember the Mac – The computer for the rest of us?”

If you can come up with a memorable message then word of mouth advertising becomes so powerful. By creating a memorable message you equip your customers with the right word to sell your product to their peers. This makes life so much easier if everyone is selling for you.

Just think about some of apples products….

iPod – 1000 Songs in Your Pocket.

iPhone 4 – This changes everything. Again.

Mac Mini – The most affordable, energy efficient mac.

iMac – The ultimate all-in-one computer.

Macbook – The $999 notebook

iPad – See the web, email, and photo’s like never before

I am sure there are many more that you can think of. Spend lots of time on making the message memorable. It will pay off!

Just a few extra tips: The message must tell the customer WHY they needed it. Remember when Apple release the iPad they use a line that said something like – “a magical and revolutionary product at an unbelievable price. That was horrible and Apple got mocked for it! Test your message of people and ask them what they think.

Marketing isn’t what you do to reach your first customer, it’s what you do to help your first customer reach the rest.

Say tuned for the final tip from Apple which will open up to some great tips from Starbucks, a Marketing Miracle.

Marketing tips from Apple – Tip 3

It has been a long time since the last one but here it is:

Empower early adopters…

Everyone who has been using Apple products for a long time will know that Apple does this extremely well even today. Have you bought a Apple product and found the Apple stickers? Well that is what we are talking about.

Everyone that is a fanatical Apple fan or (fanboy) will display these stickers somewhere where people can see that they use Apple and are proud of it.

Or what about those famous white earphones you get with every iPod or iPhone? Have you noticed how they have almost become a status symbol and a sign that that person is using and iPod!

What about all Apple computers? They stand out from every other boring dell computer.

Give you customers something to show off that they use your products.

Keep your eyes peeled for tip 4 as this will be one of Apples great secrets.