Ninebot by Segway KickScooter Series

Segway, the masters of personal transportation devices, have released a new Ninebot series of scooters, as part of its Segway KickScooter arm. There are two scooters in the series; the ES1 and ES2, with the latter offering a higher top speed and a more comfortable ride.

Both models look like your regular scooter, but they have an electric motor built in that enables the ES1 to reach speeds up to 12mph and the ES2 up to 16mph, both have a 15 mile range from the rechargeable battery.

Segway has designed the Ninebot scooters to be hassle-free when taking them on the daily commute, so a one-touch folding system allows them to be folded up, carried around and taken onto trains and buses with ease.

The ES2 has the added benefit of a rear shock absorber, making the overall ride more comfortable and has customisable rear ambient lights to make the scooter more obvious in low light.

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