MultiChoice launches new DStv WiFi Connector

MultiChoice has released its new DStv Wi-Fi Connector, which links your DStv Explora to your home Wi-Fi network.

This device allows users to access additional Internet-based services and online entertainment options through their decoder, said the company.

The new Wi-Fi Connector is smaller than the previous model and comes with a USB docking station.

“When we launched the DStv Explora in August 2013, we promised our customers that we will keep on enhancing the experience on this flagship platform. An easy-to-use DStv Wi-Fi Connector helps us to deliver on that promise,” said MultiChoice CTO Gerdus van Eeden.

The DStv WiFi Connector is a device that links your DStv Explora to the router in your home. It does so easily and wirelessly. By linking your DStv Explora to the internet, you get access to Connected Services – namely DStv Catch Up Plus and Remote Recordings.

Where can I buy a DStv WiFi Connector?

You can get a DStv WiFi Connector from any of the DStv Service Centres, DStv Agencies or at major retailers.

What does the DStv WiFi Connector come with?

The DStv WiFi Connector comes with Docking Station and a basic user guide.

What is the warranty on the DStv WiFi Connector?

The DStv WiFi Connector comes with a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase.

How do I connect my DStv Explora to the internet using the DStv WiFi Connector?

You can find full information on how to connect it here.

How much does a DStv WiFi Connector cost?

The recommended retail price at DStv Service Centres and DStv Agencies is R199.

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