Google announce Pixel, The best iPhone Google has ever made.

Google has announced the Pixel Phone. You can be forgiven for mistaking the Google Pixel for an iPhone.

Google Pixel Phone
Google Pixel Phone
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s

Google fans have been raving about how amazing the Google Pixel is and what awesome features it has. The most prominent feature, Google Assistant, is just a new name of Google Now. Everything Google Assistant can do Siri can do. In fact the Google advert for Google Assistant sounds just like the Siri advert.

The Pixel phone comes with:

  • Antenna bands, just like the iPhone 6 from 2014
  • Google Assistant, just like Siri from the iPhone 4s in 2011
  • Google Duo video calling, just like the iPhone 4 from 2010
  • Smooth surfaces, just like every iPhone ever made
  • Easy-to-grip curved edges, just like the iPhone 6 from 2014
  • Pixel Imprint, just like the iPhone 5s from 2013
  • 2 sizes, just like the iPhone 6 from 2014
  • 3 colours, just like the iPhone 5 from 2012
  • 32GB and 128GB options, just like the iPhone 6 from 2014

All in all I think Google have made a revolutionary phone and really thought outside the box when it comes to design.

PS: Samsung did the same thing last year when they announced the Galaxy S6