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My Slips

Stores Digital Copies

MySlips stores digital copies of receipts or slips in the cloud (a smart way of saying in the internet). MySlips real focus is on the items you buy that have warranties or guarantees, that’s where we do our best work, but it can be used to store any document online if you need to.

Why store slips and documents online? There are a couple reasons but most importantly it’s so that you always have access to the documents you need when trying to do a return or get a repair – this is the nuts and bolts of MySlips and why we built it.

Track your Warranties

MySlips also helps for tracking when it comes to insurance and we’ve got a place where all warranties and other docs for your cars (motorbikes, boats and planes) can be handled. Not only that, they are accessible on any device with a browser and an internet connection.

The MySlips architecture is smart. It uses secure leading edge technologies both within the hosted environment as well as integrating with smart device capabilities building a seamless solution that is easy to use and navigate and that is focused on and supports the consumer protection act (CPA).

Instant, Reliable Access

It allows you to capture and manage purchase information such as the date of purchase, the warranty period, where items were bought and much more – all valuable information that we know will be handy down the line, like when you have a product that needs replacing or even when you have an insurance claim.

The storage of receipt documents is safe and ensures that your electronic copy won’t fade or mistakenly be tossed out during spring cleaning.