Free Apple Watch with Discovery Vitality

Discovery has announced that its Vitality members will receive a free Apple Watch if they would like. The Apple Watch will remain free as long as the member achieve their weekly goals.

The free Apple Watch is part of the recently launch Vitality Active Rewards program. The program requires members to achieve 4 weekly goals to keep the Apple Watch for Free. If the member does not achieve the weekly goals they will they have to a repayment for the Apple Watch. Below is a table showing the repayment amounts:

Weekly Goals Repayment
3 R100
2 R175
0-1 R250

Vitality Active Rewards gives a personalised fitness goal to each member. The members can then earn weekly rewards, like a free drink at Vida e Caffè or Kauai, for achieving their goal. They can earn another reward if two or more of their friends also reach their fitness goals.

Vitality is a rewards program linked to Discovery Life and Discovery Medical Aid. To be a Vitality member you will need to have a Discovery Life or Discovery Health Policy. If you would like to take out a policy with Discovery to join Vitality please fill out the form below.