Marketing tips from Apple – Tip 3

It has been a long time since the last one but here it is:

Empower early adopters…

Everyone who has been using Apple products for a long time will know that Apple does this extremely well even today. Have you bought a Apple product and found the Apple stickers? Well that is what we are talking about.

Everyone that is a fanatical Apple fan or (fanboy) will display these stickers somewhere where people can see that they use Apple and are proud of it.

Or what about those famous white earphones you get with every iPod or iPhone? Have you noticed how they have almost become a status symbol and a sign that that person is using and iPod!

What about all Apple computers? They stand out from every other boring dell computer.

Give you customers something to show off that they use your products.

Keep your eyes peeled for tip 4 as this will be one of Apples great secrets.

Marketing tips from Apple

Tip #2

Never be first to market.

This is something Apple follow religiously. They haven’t always but they learnt quickly.

Most people will tell you that being first to the market is advantageous. They will also tell you that Apple is a leading in creating new markets.

Both of these statements are wrong.

Most of the time when you are first to market you have a bad product and fail.

Apple has never been successful in new markets. Apple didn’t invent the PC, MP3 player, mobile phones or digital music. All these products are successful because Apple was late to market. Apple has a history of not trying to make the best possible product but to do one thing better that the biggest competition.

Think about it: The iPod is successful because it made putting music onto a MP3 player easy. The iPod is not better than any other MP3 player, it is just easier to use. One thing better!

And because of this great marketing and ease of use people use their products, and because there is only one thing better people can now tell other people why it is better. Do you see how Apple is empowering people to be their sales force?

Ask any person who uses a Apple product and within 30 seconds they will tell you that it is easier to use.

Ask any person who uses any other product and they will stumble for words or tell you that it is Open Source! (P.S – Apple is open source![Link])

Remember to always to ONE THING BETTER!

Marketing tips from Apple

I will be posting a few tip about marketing the the great Apple. All this information I have received from Steve Chazin who can be found at

Tip #1

Don’t Sell Product – People buy what other people have.

This is a very simple principle and marketing is always doing this without saying it. Apple has mastered this concept for years, just take a trip to YouTube and look and all the iPod adverts. There is nothing about what and iPod is or what it can do. Just video of people having a great time. The iPod is more advanced than any other MP3 player yet Apple doesn’t boast about it. What they imply is that if you use an iPod you will have a great time.

Also think about the white earphones. White earphones are not great design but clever marketing. Every time you see someone wearing white earphones you think they are listening to an iPod. Doesn’t that make you want to wear white earphones to fit in?

I will be blogging about a book called Cult Branding and you will see this principle come up again with a slightly different view.

Something I learn from Josh Bonnet from Hillsong Church is that when doing marketing do tell people HOW they use your product buy WHY they should use your product. This is a similar concept to what Apple do.

Always remember “LESS IS MORE” when it comes to marketing. The harder you try the less effective it will be.

New iMac’s, Mac Pro’s…?

Time to move on from the iPhone and onto what the future is going to bring us…


Just some iPhone updates…. It seems like the white iPhone has been delayed again and no date has been given as to when the white iPhone will be available. Is this going to be another PR problem or are Apple creating greater demand? Only time will tell…


Now to the iMac… Shipment dates for the entry level iMac has slipped and resellers have been told to not stock anymore. This is normal and gives us some idea of what products Apple will be updating. The iMac did receive a major update last September, although it is called a major update I don’t think it was that great as they only changed the screen. I think Apple could do many different things with this product the one thing that I am confident of is a name change. My reason… iDevices run iOS and other Devices run OS X.


This doesn’t mean that they will completely drop the iMac name… There have been rumours of an iMac running iOS with a touch screen. This could be very possible.


It also seems that the Mac Pro is becoming unavailable. I have previously said that this product needs an update. What will Apple do? I have no idea, how do you make the best desktop in the world better? Bigger processor? Bigger Hard Drive? USB 3.0? More RAM? Better graphics?


It will be a very interesting time for Apple. They haven’t had a great year for marketing and have had to do quite a bit of PR so they need to make people believe that they can make perfect products again!


Check of Apple on YouTube –


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iMac name change

Just had a sudden thought. With Apple changing iPhone OS to iOS it leave a question in my mind. It seems like Apple is making all the mobile devices idevices.

Could this mean that Apple will change the name of the iMac to remove the i?

This could be an interesting discussion. I think it might get a change but to what? Any ideas of names?

Oh wait. Yesterday there was a rumour that Apple will be bring in iOS to the iMac. Now that would make sense.

Looks like we could be into something awesome from Apple soon.

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Apple Buyers Guide

It seems like you are all very interested in when to buy Apple products and I thought I would do something a bit more in depth going forward.

As I said in my previous blog Apple has a number of conferences a year. Most of them has already happened with WWDC having ended a few weeks ago. Here we saw the launch of the iPhone 4 and iOS 4. Nothing that we weren’t expecting although as I will share later Apple will always go above and beyond!
And in the last week the update of the Mac Mini. This also give us some clues as to what Apple will be doing in the future…
So there are, by my guess, only two Apple conferences left in 2010. One is September and on in October. So what can we except at these conferences
September we will see new iPod’s.
iPod Classic – This is a very hard product to predict but my guess is we could see some big changes as this product has seen little change in the past. But then again it caters for a specific group of people, so… We will see more space, Up to 240GB hard drives. Don’t take my word for it but this could be a surprise change.
iPod Touch – The form won’t change much. Expect something similar to the new iPhone with up to 120Gb hard drives, maybe a video camera. Nothing major.
iPod Nano – This is another product that is hard to predict as apple has a habit of change this product a lot to boost sales. What you can expect is bigger hard drives. Maybe going for a full touch screen, Ipod touch nano maybe. If that is the case expect a name change…. iTouch Nano????
iPod Shuffle – Once again Apple likes changing this to boost sales. Expect a change in form, maybe a screen, and obviously a bigger hard drive.
What else can you expect? Apple has a clever move that they do during this time. Remember Apple never bring a product to market without testing to see if people like it. So what does this mean? You can expect Apple to quietly release new Macbooks at this time which will also give us a clue to what is to come. Since Apple just released an update I think we will see a major updates at the conference in October.
October Conference
This is when Apple usually release new Macbook Pro’s. Since we haven’t seen any major changes to either of these products I think we are in for something. Expect small changes to the iMac, bigger hard drives….
There is always the possibility of a new Mac Pro and Cinema Displays.
My guess is that we will see something to do with multi touch and how it can be used with desktop computers. It is after all the only Apple product range that doesn’t have multi touch.
And that would be updates to ever product the offer in 2010!

When to buy Apple products

I’m going to give you an idea of how Apple releases products. This might help with your decisions about when to buy.

There is no exact science to this and careful attending must be take to find out whether to purchase an Apple product of not. Here I will give you a brief guideline. If you ever want to know if you show buy or not just email me and I will give you some specific help.
Apple generally has about 4 conferences a year. This can change at any time but there is one conference that happens annually and is always a guarantee. That conference is World Wide Developers Conference or WWDC, this normally happens at the beginning of July but in 2010 it took place in June. There is speculation as to why the change but will have to wait till next year to see how true it is.
Always remember that Apple generally only does major updates to products once a year, so if the update has already been done don’t expect another one.
First: The first conference normally happens in March or April. There could possible be two conferences durning this time. The most important will be major updates to the Macbook and Macbook Pro or Macbook Air line up. Minor update can be done without a conference. The second conference with less importance is a preview of the new iOS software that will be released during WWDC.
Secondly: WWDC is a guarantee and will bring a new iOS and generally updates to the iPhone and the iPad in future. As the iPad is a new product will might take some time for it to fall into this product life cycle.
Thirdly: During September Apple will almost without fail release new iPods before the holidays. This will include updates to the iPod Touch to fit with the new iOS software that was released at WWDC.
Fourthly: During October Apple has been known to do updates to the Mac, this includes the iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro. Generally the iMac gets the most attention as it is the most popular desktop. The Mac Pro is already the best desktop in the world so leaves so has little more needed as it’s doesn’t come with a screen. The Mac Mini has see very little attention but I suspect a major update this year.
As I have said before this is not conclusive but a guideline. Let me know if you want more specific advice.