Apple MacBook 12-inch arrives in South Africa for in-store preview

Core Group is pleased to announce that the highly anticipated, thinner and lighter Macbook 12-inch will be available for in-store preview in Apple Premium Resellers on Friday, 8 May 2015, and selected Incredible Connection stores soon. Stock availability dates are still to be announced.

The new MacBook delivers a full-size experience in the lightest and most compact Mac notebook ever. Every element, from the new keyboard and Force Touch trackpad to the 12-inch Retina display, USB-C port, battery and logic board, has been completely re-imagined to make it not only thinner but also better. The result is more than just a new notebook. It’s the future of the notebook. Available in gold, space grey, and silver.

Key features include:

  • Intel Core M processors
  • Intel HD graphics 5300
  • Flash storage
  • Up to 9 hours of battery life
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • Force Touch trackpad
  • Incredibly thin (0.35cm – 1.31cm)

Core releases pricing of updated Macbook Air & 13 inch Macbook Pro’s

Core have released pricing for the recently updated Macbook Air‘s and 13 inch Macbook Pro’s. Overall there has been about R1 000 increase for the Macbook Air and up to R2 000 increase in the Macbook Pro’s. the price increase is most likely because of the weak Rand.

11″ MacBook Air 13″ MacBook Air 13″ MacBook Pro
Processor 1,6 GHz 1,6 GHz 1,6 GHz 1,6 GHz 2,7 GHz 2,7 GHz 2,9 GHz
Storage 128GB 256GB 128GB 256GB 128GB 256GB 512GB
Price R13 599 R16 499 R14 999 R18 499 R18 999 R22 499 R26 999

Along with the price increase Core also announced new prices for the previous Macbook Air’s and 13 inch Macbook Pro’s. The price decrease in in about R2 000 across the board with a R3 000 decrease on the top of the range 13 inch Macbook Pro. These model’s won’t be around for long as Core is most likely clearing their stock.

Older Models 11″ MacBook Air 13″ MacBook Air 13″ MacBook Pro
Previous Price R12 699 R15 699 R13 999 R17 599 R17 499 R20 999 R24 999
New Price R10 899 R13 499 R11 999 R14 899 R15 799 R17 999

Apple releases Macbook in Space Grey, Silver and Gold

Today at its Apple media event, Apple announced a brand new MacBook starting at $1,299. Apple says the new notebook puts the full-size Mac experience in its thinnest and lightest form factor ever. It comes with a 12-inch Retina Display.

The new MacBook, which isn’t a part of either the Air or Pro lines, is just 900 grams and 24% thinner than the MacBook Air. It comes in three colors: gold, silver and space grey, similar to other Apple products iPhone 6 and iPad Air. 

Apple has redesigned the keyboard for the new MacBook, with a new butterfly mechanism, which Apple says makes keys more stable and precise while making the notebook 40% thinner. However, each key also has 17% more surface area. 

The Cupertino company has also redesigned the Trackpad for the new MacBook. Apple calls it the Force Touch trackpad, and it can detect how much pressure a user is putting on the trackpad. For example, Force Touching an address brings up its location in a map pop-up. It also comes with Taptic feedback, which means that users can feel when they click on something. These two features mirror new features on Apple Watch. Users can adjust how much pressure is required to click, and all clicks are more quiet than before, according to Apple. 

Apple has also done some work with the organizations of the internals, making the new MacBook the first fanless MacBook. The logic board is 67% smaller than the one in the 11-inch MacBook Air. 

As for battery life, the new Intel Core M processor runs at 5 watts, and its new battery is custom-shaped to maximize as much space as possible within the device. For example, instead of being a straight rectangular block, it bends to match the bend of the notebook. This helps the new MacBook achieve 9 hours of battery life of web browsing and up to 10 hours of iTunes movie playback. 

The new MacBook also comes with a new USB-C port, which gives users five ports in one. It provides power, USB data transfer, DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA capabilities. The MacBook does not use the traditional MagSafe charging method that’s available in other MacBooks. 

The new MacBook is priced at $1,299 to start, with a faster processor and 512 GB SSD for $1,599.

The expected price in South Africa is R17 499 and R19 499 for the 512GB hard drive

What to expect from Apple in 2015

Since Apple stopped attending Macworld which is normally held in January we have seen very few product releases in the first half of the year from Apple. This year things might change. For starters Apple is expected to release the Apple Watch early in 2015 but we suspect Apple will draw this product launch out.

Apple Watch

Announced in September of 2014, the Apple Watch (or Watch) is Apple’s first wearable device and one of the first Apple products that may launch during 2015. Available in two sizes of 38mm and 42mm, the Apple Watch has a heavy focus on fashion and will be offered in six different casing materials with a range of interchangeable band options.

A lot still remains unknown about the Apple Watch, The price is still up in the Apple with Apple only giving the price of the low end Sports watch starting at $349. Battery life remains totally unknown with suggestions of Apple aiming for 18 hours.

In September at the unveiling of the Apple Watch, Apple announced that the Apple Watch would be available in early 2015. Tim Cook confirmed during Apple’s Financial Results meeting that the Apple Watch will ship in April. How long the Apple Watch will take to get to South Africa in not known but we don’t expect it to been before June.

iPad Pro

Yes you are reading that right, Apple are creating a 12inch iPad which will be called the iPad Pro or the iPad Air Plus. The iPad Pro in most likely to be announced in October with a possible preview in June.

iPad Air & iPad Mini

Apple generally updates it’s iPad line up in October so expect the same this year. The is very little news at this time about possible iPad updates. We will most likely get some more info after WWDC in June.

Some rumours have suggested that Apple will discontinue the iPad Mini but we don’t think this is likely to happen.

iPhone 6s

We have seen a new iPhone every year since 2007 so this year we predict that Apple will NOT release a new iPhone. Just kidding. It’s almost guaranteed that we will see an new iPhone this year and we expect to get some insight into what it will be like during WWDC in June.

12 inch Macbook

The is a significant amount of rumours suggesting that Apple will release a 12 inch Macbook with Retina Display that will eventually replace the Macbook Air. The new Macbook is rumour to come in iPhone colours.

Although there are many rumours we believe this will be a minor upgrade with a name change for Apple.

Apple’s Desktop Line Up

Apple seem to have lost interest in their desktop line up with very few design upgrades. Don’t expect much more than some processor upgrades along with some new Retina displays. All minor upgrades.

Many people have been waiting for an upgrade to the Mac Mini which hasn’t been upgraded for over 2 years. The changes that we made in late 2014 were almost a downgrade. It would be great to see a Mac Mini that looks like the Mac Pro in 2015 but don’t hold your thumbs.

Apple TV

2014 saw a great deal of rumours about the Apple TV but those rumours has slowed down. Recent rumours suggest that Apple will update the Apple TV in 2015. We expect to see the App Store come to the Apple TV with some gaming support.

iOS 9 & Mac OS X 10.11

Apple has been updating iOS and OS X very year, 2015 will be no different. Traditionally Apple previews both iOS and OS X at WWDC in June with iOS becoming available some time in September and OS X in October. We know very little about iOS and OS X at this point but expect some new features but no real major design changes.

Apple sends out invites for 16 October event

Apple will be holding a media event on Thursday, October 16 at the Town Hall auditorium on its Cupertino headquarters campus, with the company today sending out media invitations for the event. The event begins at 10:00 AM Pacific, and the invitations carry the tagline “It’s been way too long”.

We’re expecting new versions of the iPad Air and the iPad mini. The new Air will be slightly thinner, but come with theA8 processor, new M8 chip from the iPhone 6, Touch ID, enhanced camera features, an improved screen design, and, of course, a gold color option. It’s likely that the new Mini will pick up some (if not all) of the Air’s new features. Hopefully at least the gold.

Apple has been racing to finish up the redesigned OS X Yosemite alongside new laptops and desktops with higher-resolution screens. It’s likely that Yosemite will be released for free on the Mac App Store on the day of the event, as this will follow patterns of previous years. Along with the launch of Yosemite their will be updates to iTunes, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and iPhoto which will be renamed Photos.

In terms of hardware, sources say that Apple is preparing both a new iMac and a 12-inch MacBook with Retina displays. The latest indicators point to, at least, the MacBook being short on supply, so perhaps the MacBook discussion will be saved for a later date. Another Mac potentially to be updated next week: the Mac mini.

Next Apple Media Event: 21 October 2014

Although it hasn’t been confirmed we are taking a guess at when Apple next media event will be.

Apple traditional has done it October media event on the second last Tuesday of the month. This year that happens to be 21 October.

What to expect from this event?

We will see the final preview of OS X Yosemite which will become available to the public after the event.

It’s hard to say what will happen so far away but you can be sure we will see some updated iPad’s, iPad Mini’s and an upgrade to the iMac. There is a possibility of an upgrade to the Mac Mini or a completely new Apple TV

Let us know what product you would like to see updated in the comments section.

New Macbook Pro with Retina Display, now available at iStore

With fourth-generation Intel Core processors, powerful graphics and ultra-fast flash storage, the incredibly advanced MacBook Pro with Retina display delivers unprecedented performance and remarkable battery life.

Now available at iStore

MacBook Pro Retina 13”

2.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5
128GB flash storage

R17 499

MacBook Pro Retina 15”

2.2GHz quad-core Intel Core i7
256GB flash storage

R26 499

2.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 
256GB flash storage

R20 999

2.5GHz quad-core Intel Core i7
512GB flash storage

R33 499

2.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5
512GB flash storage

R24 999

Apple Releases Cheaper 21.5 inch iMac

Apple today released a new model of iMac. These machines are considerably cheaper than their predecessors, priced at $1099. Previously, the cheapest iMac was priced at $1299

The new entry-level 21.5-inch iMac comes with a 1.4GHz dual-core Intel i5 processor, a 500GB hard drive, 8GB of memory, and an Intel HD 5000 Graphics chip.

The New iMac is available immediately in the US. The New iMac should be available in South Africa within the next two weeks.

Apple To Preview OSX 10.10 At WWDC

Along with a preview of iOS 8 Apple will preview OSX 10.10 at WWDC later today. OSX 10.10 is rumoured to be called Yosemite or El Cap based on banners on display at the Moscone Centre.

Apple’s desktop and mobile platforms have never looked more different. When iOS ditched textures for flat design in iOS 7, OS X took a few of those cues, but it didn’t go nearly far enough. System and app icons still look very textured, and the “layering” of windows over backgrounds — which looks great in places like Launchpad — could use more of a presence.

At the same time, the basic UI of Apple-grown apps such as iTunes, iPhoto and Aperture is long overdue for a refresh. Other music services, including Xbox Music and Google Play, have shown how well a strong visual UI can work, while Adobe Lightroom completely outclasses the experience in Apple’s photo apps. It’s time for some more spice in the iLife.


OSX and iOS both have Airdrop however these service don’t work with each other. Apple is rumoured to fix this issue in OSX.


OSX already has some sort of voice assistance but it is not Siri. OSX will most likely integrate Siri throughout the OS.

Apple Updates Macbook Air

Apple has updated the MacBook Airs, which feature faster versions of Intel’s Haswell processors and has dropped the price.

All models of the Macbook Air come with 1.4GHz Dual-core i5 processor’s, 4 GB RAM and the same graphics. The only difference in the entry model 11 inch and 13 inch models come with a 128GB hard Drive will the top of the line models come with 256GB Hard Drives.

11 inch Macbook Air

13 inch Macbook Air

11-inch : 128GB


  • 1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor

  • Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz

  • Intel HD Graphics 5000

  • 4GB memory

  • 128GB PCIe-based flash storage

11-inch : 256GB


  • 1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor

  • Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz

  • Intel HD Graphics 5000

  • 4GB memory

  • 256GB PCIe-based flash storage

13-inch : 128GB


  • 1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor

  • Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz

  • Intel HD Graphics 5000

  • 4GB memory

  • 128GB PCIe-based flash storage

13-inch : 256GB


  • 1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor

  • Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz

  • Intel HD Graphics 5000

  • 4GB memory

  • 256GB PCIe-based flash storage1

The updated Macbook Air’s are available today in the US and the UK. The updated Macbook Air is expected to reach South Africa within a month and with a lower price point than currently is available. The price is expected to drop by R1000.

We will keep you posted when they arrive in South Africa.