Apple Releases WatchOS 2

Apple yesterday released watchOS 2 to the public, making the first major update to the watchOS software available to all Apple Watch owners. The update requires iOS 9 and can be downloaded over-the-air through the Apple Watch app on the iPhone by going to General –> Software Update. 

watchOS 2 was originally scheduled to launch on Wednesday, September 16 alongside iOS 9, but Apple delayed the launch in order to address a major bug that was found shortly before the software was set to debut. 

As the first significant update to watchOS, watchOS 2 introduces a lot of new features to the Apple Watch, mainly through new developer tools. watchOS 2 brings native apps that run on the watch itself instead of the iPhone, and it lets developers access several sensors and hardware features including the Taptic Engine, heart rate monitor, microphone, and accelerometer.

Along with these features for developers, which will lead to more complex and full-featured third-party apps that run much more smoothly, watchOS 2 also includes new watch faces (photo album and time-lapse), third-party Complications, a tweak that makes the screen stay on for up to 70 seconds when activated, and Activation Lock. 

There’s also a new Time Travel feature for viewing past and upcoming events in a watch face Complication, and a Nightstand mode that’s activated when the watch is charging, displaying the time.

Apple Introduces watchOS 2 with Native Apps and New Gold & Rose Gold Aluminum Apple Watch Sport Models

Apple® today introduced beautiful new Apple Watch® cases and bands, available starting today, including new gold and rose gold aluminum Apple Watch Sport models. Since its release, Apple Watch has helped users receive and respond to notifications, interact by simply speaking to Siri®, conveniently use Apple Pay™ and track their health and fitness activity. watchOS™ 2 arrives as a free update on September 16 and further enhances this groundbreaking experience with new features and native third-party apps.

watchOS 2 makes apps faster and more fluid by running natively on Apple Watch, and introduces new watch faces, the ability for third-party apps to display information on the watch face as complications, and an innovative way to see future events, past headlines and more with Time Travel. watchOS 2 also includes new communication features such as the ability to respond quickly to Mail with dictation, Smart Replies or emoji, and Digital Touch enables more creativity with multiple sketch colors.

Our customers love Apple Watch and tell us its incredible health and fitness features are having a huge impact on their lives. We’re excited to expand Apple Watch’s functionality with watchOS 2 and offer even more personal choice with beautiful new styles and colours.

— Jeff Williams, Apple’s senior vice president of Operations

Expanded Assortment of Apple Watch Styles
Apple Watch collections are expanding with new case colors and fresh new bands. With new standalone Sport Bands that range from rich vibrant colors to more neutral tones, Apple Watch is now more customizable than ever:

  • Apple Watch Sport’s lightweight anodized aluminum case now comes in two new beautiful colors, gold aluminum and rose gold aluminum paired with high-performance fluoroelastomer Sport Bands in lavender, antique white, stone and midnight blue.
  • Apple Watch Sport silver aluminum is now available with new orange or blue Sport Bands.
  • The stainless steel Apple Watch collection offers a variety of new bands including a two-toned Classic Buckle in black or saddle brown.
  • The Apple Watch space black stainless steel case is now available with a black Sport Band.
  • Apple Watch Edition now includes an 18-karat rose gold case with a midnight blue Classic Buckle.

Apple Watch bands for the entire Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch collections are available to purchase separately, along with four new Sport Band colors in fog, turquoise, vintage rose and walnut.
View the full line-up in the Apple Watch gallery.

watchOS 2 & Native Third-Party Apps
watchOS 2, the first major software update for Apple Watch, available September 16, provides even more ways to customize with new watch faces including Photo, Photo Album and Time-Lapse. Watch faces are even richer with third-party app complications that let users see news headlines, upcoming flight times and more. Time Travel allows users to conveniently explore events in the future by scrolling the Digital Crown™.

Apple Watch app developers can now take advantage of key hardware and APIs to create fast, fluid, native third-party apps such as playing back video in the CNN app, using the speaker and microphone in iTranslate or measuring heart rate while cycling with Strava.

Pricing & Availability

Apple Watch is currently unavailable in South Africa.

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What to expect from Apple’s 9 September Media Event

There has been very little news leading up to Apple’s Media Event on the 9 September however the last few days revealed some interesting news which we will sum up below.

iOS 9

Apple announced iOS 9 at WWDC back in June but they always keep something back that relates to the new iPhone which will be the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus. Most of the updates in iOS 9 are performance related.

iOS 9 Golden Master will be released to developers after the even with the final software being released to the public on 16 September.

iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus

Apple will unveil the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Most of the rumours say that Apple will give both devices an updated camera along with Force Touch. Being a minor update to the iPhone there will be little in the way of new hardware. Most of the changes will come within iOS 9.

iPad Pro & iPad Mini 4

Apple is expected to release a 12,9inch iPad Pro and a updated iPad Mini that follows the design of the iPad Air 2, a A9 processor and improved display.

Apple Watch & WatchOS 2

New rumours suggest that Apple will release a new range of Apple Watch Sport’s bands and Apple WatchOS 2. There have been some suggestions that Apple will release Apple Watch 2 however this seems hard to believe as there are still rumours of Apple Watch being released in some countries in the coming months. South Africa is not included in these countries.

Apple TV

The Big announcement is most likely to be the new Apple TV. The all new Apple TV is expected to have a full featured App Store and have Siri integration along with a touch-based remote. The new Apple TV is likely to also include a subscription based TV service. The subscription based tv service will not be available at launch and will likely not be available in South Africa.

The new Apple TV is suggested to retail for $149 and $199. Prices in South Africa will most likely be R2999 and R3999 due to the rise exchange rate.

Apple Watch Arrives in Seven More Countries June 26

Apple today announced Apple Watch will be available in Italy, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland and Taiwan beginning Friday, June 26 from the Apple Online Store, Apple’s retail stores and select Apple Authorized Resellers.

The response to Apple Watch has surpassed our expectations in every way, and we are thrilled to bring it to more customers around the world,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s senior vice president of Operations. “We’re also making great progress with the backlog of Apple Watch orders, and we thank our customers for their patience. All orders placed through May, with the sole exception of Apple Watch 42 mm Space Black Stainless Steel with Space Black Link Bracelet, will ship to customers within two weeks. At that time, we’ll also begin selling some models in our Apple Retail Stores.

There is still no word on when Apple Watch will launch in South Africa.

Apple Watch to hit South Africa by June

We have recently heard that the much anticipated Apple Watch will be in South Africa by early June. For all the information you need about the Apple Watch check our Apple Watch Page.

Apple launched the Apple Watch at a media event on the 9 March with pre-orders opening on the 10 April in the US and 8 other countries and go on sale on the 24 April.

The Apple Watch launch in South Africa will come just over a month after the launch in the US. We expect stock to be very limited at launch.

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See how big Apple Watch is on your wrist.

Have you wondered how big Apple Watch will actually be on your wrist? Apple have allowed us to see the actual size of the Apple Watch on your iPhone.

Here’s how:

      1. Download the “Apple Store” app from the app store.


      2. Select “Apple Watch” from the home screen.


      3. At the top right select “View Pricing.”

      4. Select “Compare case sizes.”


The app will give you the actual size of the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch.

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Apple Launch Apple Watch

At a Media Event on Monday Apple Launched the Apple Watch and gave us some information about the price and battery life.

Previously we posted about how many Apple watch versions there are. Check that out to get a better understanding of how to choose an Apple Watch.

Tim Cook confirmed that the Apple Watch battery will last one day or 18 hours.

Apple also revealed pricing for the Apple Watch. We has included that American pricing and converted to an estimated price in South Africa. The conversion rate is normally around R13 to the US Dollar. Prices could increase if the rand/dollar rate gets worse.

The Apple Watch will go on sale on the 24 April but is unlikely to be in South Africa before July.

Apple Watch Sport

38mm – $349 (R4 499)

42mm – $399 (R5 299)

Apple Watch

Sports Band

  • 38mm – $549 (R7 499)
  • 42mm – $599 (R7 999)

Classic Buckle & Milanese Loop

  • 38mm – $649 (R8 499)
  • 42mm – $699 (R8 999)

Modern Buckle

  • 38mm – $749 (R9 999)

Leather Loop

  • 42mm – $699 (R8 999)

Link Bracelet

  • 38mm – $949 (R12 499)
  • 42mm – $999 (R12 999)

Space Black Link Bracelet

  • 38mm – $1049 (R13 999)
  • 42mm – $1099 (14 499)

Apple Watch Edition

$10,000 – $17,000 (R150 000 – R250 000)

What Every Apple Watch Looks like

Last week we posted about How many Apple Watch versions there are and Apple Watch bands explained. Using images taken from Apple’s Apple Watch website, MixYourWatch lets users pair each of the six different Apple Watch casings (stainless steel, space gray stainless steel, aluminum, space gray aluminum, gold, and rose gold) with the 16 different bands made of fluoroelastomer, leather, and steel.

Apple Watch, Stainless Steel with Black Leather band
Apple Watch, Stainless Steel with Black Leather band
Apple Watch Sport, Silver with Blue Fluoroelastomer band
Apple Watch Sport, Silver with Blue Fluoroelastomer band

Go check out to see which Apple Watch combination your would like. Let us know in the comments what your choice is.

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Apple Watch Bands Explained

Last week we explained how many Apple Watches there are. What we did leave off is all the detail about how many bands there are and what bands go with which Apple Watch.

Lets start off with all the band types. Listed here is the 6 different band types. They come in Multiple colours and fit different Apple Watches.

Here is a list of what band options go with which Apple Watch. You will need to reference the above image to get an idea of what the band looks like and you should read are article about how many Apple Watches there are.


  • The Link Bracelet – available in stainless steel and space-black stainless steel.
  • Milanese Loop – Only one colour.
  • Modern Buckle – available in soft pink, brown and midnight blue. Appears to be available only with 38mm Apple Watch.
  • Classic Buckle – Only available in Black.
  • Leather Loop  – Available in stone, light brown and bright blue. This option appears to be paired only with 42mm Apple Watch.
  • Sport Band – Only Black and White available with Apple Watch

Watch Sport

Only Sports band available for the Apple Watch Sport. Colours: white, black, blue, green and pink. The bands are made of fluoroelastomer

Watch Edition

  • Yellow gold case with bright red modern buckle (38 mm)
  • Yellow gold case with black sport band (42 mm)
  • Yellow gold case with midnight blue classic buckle (42 mm)
  • Rose gold case with white sport band (38 mm and 42 mm)
  • Rose gold case with rose gray modern buckle (38 mm)

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How Many Apple Watch Version Are There?

Ever since Apple announced the Apple Watch last year we have been trying to work out how many Apple Watches there really are and how do we make sense of it?

Apple has a strong history of making the buying choose simple by not having to many options. Think about the Macbook Pro, In reality they are unlimited number of options available with customisation but Apple really only markets 4 or 5 options. Normally just two 13inch and two 15inch options. So Simple.

But when it comes to the Apple Watch it seems all over the place but Apple have made it extremely simple. We show you how simple it is.

Select the size Apple Watch you would like.

Select what version you would like.


Watch Sport

Watch Edition

Stainless steel and space black stainless steel cases. Sapphire crystal. A range of stylish bands.

Anodized aluminum in silver and space gray. Strengthened Ion-X glass. Colourful, durable bands.

18-karat gold cases in yellow or rose. Sapphire crystal. Exquisitely designed band and closures

Select your colour.


Watch Sport

Watch Edition

Select a strap type and colour

When is comes to bands it does get a little confusing as some bands only work with some Apple Watches. Keep your eyes open for our in-depth look at all the bands for Apple Watch and which bands go with which Apple Watch.

What will be interested to see at Apple’s Media Event is if Apple will sell bands individually or if you have to make a choice when you purchase your Apple Watch which band you want and have to live with that forever.

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