App of the week South Africa: Blackbox – think outside the box

“Clever, well thought out, unique, and could drive you insane. My husband is afraid to try it.”

Tilt, shout, click, snap, and hike your way to success.
Expand your creative thinking.
Ponder through colorful visual clues.
Discover secrets along the way…

66 unique challenges and counting.


○ “Utterly diabolical and utterly brilliant” —CNET

○ “Unlike anything you’ve ever played before” —App Advice

○ “Undeniably unique” —Todays iPhone

○ “Devilishly clever” —Six Colors

○ “Could be this week’s sleeper hit” —Pocket Gamer UK



With ample satisfying “ah hah!” moments and puzzles as artful and clever as they are challenging, Blackbox is as delightful to play as it is to look at and hold.


Frustrating, fun, and full of surprises… There’s more to Blackbox than meets the eye. Can you find all the meta challenges?


Every challenge has been tuned to be on the cusp of maddening but always solvable. Some challenges take time, perseverance, and perspective to understand, but if you’re really stumped rest assured there are hints. To enjoy the game to it’s fullest, only use them as a last resort!


Blackbox is jam-packed with 45 free challenges. Get far enough and you’ll get the option to pay to unlock more advanced challenges and support the game’s future development (and keep it ad free)!

Good luck,

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App of the Week South Africa: ScanDex

Simply the best scanning app on the appstore

No need for scanner when you can simply download ScanDex and concert any document or image into pdf and simply share!

ScanDex offers the best and most sophisticated software for you to take a photo in angle and for it to be able to convert into PDF and look exactly like a nicely scanned document or image.

You can easily sign documents with your finger, save it and email it share it!

There are many more features so download now and make your life easier with ScanDex!


– Image Detection
– Image Perspective Correction
– PDF Conversion
– OCR text detection (OCR text can be edited)
– Document Sign
– Draw
– Image enhancement

And many more!

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App of the Week South Africa: To Do Matrix 2

To do Matrix 2 : To-do app with time management matrix
“First Things First” – Stephen Covey

TodoMatrix2 more powerful and more efficient than TodoMatrix.

TodoMatrix2 helps you to…
– Get things done
– Do important things first
– Do urgent things first
– Do important ones & More

Applying the Eisenhower methodology, Priorities helps you sorting tasks into the right category, depending on their urgency and importance. 

Set reminders to never miss an important deadline
Start now & before you know it, you’ll be doing your best.

Let’s do it!

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App of the Week South Africa: Tiny Memories – Photo Editor for Baby and Pregnancy Milestones

All the Moms, Dads and parents-to-be! Do not miss a single important moment of your baby growth starting from the baby bump! Capture the daily fun and all milestones in your baby’s life in the most creative way!

The first word, the first tooth and the first step – these are the moments to keep. Make the milestones of your pregnancy and your sweet baby growth memorable with a vast collection of сute and funny child themed artworks! Enrich your baby’s everyday photos with adorable designs and captions together with Tiny Memories!

With Tiny Memories you can:

  • mark your baby’s life achievements with the help of a huge collection of milestone and other baby themed artworks organized in categories (Dates, Progress, First Time Milestones, Pregnancy Milestones, Birthday, Bigger Kids and many more);
  • create cute and charming images using beautiful handpicked fonts for funny captions about your child;
  • design warm greeting cards to send to grandparents and other relatives;
  • sign your most memorable photos;
  • make funny memes;
  • combine image and text and create exclusive wallpapers for your screen to have you sweetie always with you;
  • compose any other image that needs some stylish text on it.

Use hashtag #tinymemories for Instagram posts to share your happiness with friends and community and your adorable photos might get featured on @Tiny Memories!

Keep the best moments of your family life with Tiny Memories! Get it now and go on a journey to the world of creativity together with your little treasure!

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App of the Week South Africa: PAW Patrol Pups Take Flight

Kids take to the sky with the PAW Patrol pups in a fun flying game featuring the Air Patroller and the team’s new flight suits! The PAW Patrol: Pups Take Flight app teaches children pre-k math skills with the help of their PAWsome pup heroes from the Nick Jr. TV show! 

All the game controls are made just for kids, so your preschooler can take off right away!

• Fly the skies with 6 pups in 3 different locations
• Avoid obstacles, collect pup treats and unlock fun flying tricks
• Develop counting and shape recognition skills
• Earn special badges

The PAW Patrol: Pups Take Flight iPhone app helps prepare preschoolers for kindergarten by fostering important early math skills for 3 – 7 year olds. Kids will be exposed to concepts including:

• Shape recognition
• Number recognition
• Counting and enumeration


• Play with characters from the TV show, PAW Patrol: Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Rubble, Skye & Zuma!
• Control the pups with easy swipe and finger-trace gestures!
• 30 levels to explore!
• Difficulty increases with each level!
• Complete mini-games to unlock special moves and make the pups do amazing aerial tricks!
• Earn badges for completing a mission, collecting pup treats, and unlocking new moves!

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WhatsApp Launches Desktop App for Mac

WhatsApp today announced the launch of a desktop app for Mac OS X, allowing users to easily carry on their conversations from their computers natively. The move comes several months after debuting a web version of its popular chat service.

Today we’re introducing a desktop app so you have a new way to stay in touch anytime and anywhere – whether on your phone or computer at home or work. Like WhatsApp Web, our desktop app is simply an extension of your phone: the app mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile device.

The new desktop app is available for Mac OS 10.9 and above and Windows 8 and supports native desktop notifications, keyboard shortcuts and more. The app also syncs to users’ mobile devices, which means that notifications and conversations are mirrored in the desktop app. 

To download the free app, WhatsApp users have to go to from their desktop browser. Once the app is downloaded, users will be presented with a QR code. To scan the code, users will have to use the WhatsApp app on their phone, going into the app’s settings and clicking “WhatsApp Web” to activate the QR code scanner.

App Store prices set to increase in South Africa

Apple have sent an email to developers informing them that there will be a price increase in four countries including South Africa. Below is the email Apple sent out. 

“Hi [Developer],

We sometimes need to update prices on the App Store whenever taxes or foreign exchange rates change. Within the next 36 hours, prices will increase in the following App Store territories:

  • Mexico
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Turkey

Because of the price increases, customers with auto-renewable subscriptions on the South African, South Korean, and Turkish App Store will need to resubscribe. However, although the prices are also changing for subscriptions on the Mexican App Store, we won’t interrupt those.

We’ll send an email to your subscribers in these territories shortly before their subscription renews to let them know that the price of their existing subscription will increase. The email also has a link that will let customers resubscribe, or in Mexico, turn their subscription off.

In addition, we’re also adding two new low-price tiers, Alternate Tier A and Alternate Tier B, for the Indian, Indonesian, Mexican, Russian, South African, and Turkish App Store. We’ll update prices for existing apps and In-App Purchases that already use the Alternate Tier A and Alternate Tier B price tiers on the Chinese App Store.

You’ll be able to review the new prices in the updated price-tier matrix in Rights and Pricing in My Apps within the next 36 hours.

The App Store team

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Discovery Insure App Is Killing My Battery

The Discovery Insure App that tracks your driving and gives you reports could be the reason your battery is dying so quickly. Although they state that the app doesn’t drain battery however our evidence shows differently. The disclaimer in the app description says that if you are going on long trips you should charge your phone while driving. We had driven for a total of 10 minutes on the day we discovered this issue.

iOS which was released to developers this week has a new feature which allows you to see what apps are using your battery. Earlier today we noticed our battery was running low and decided to use the feature. To our surprise the Discovery Insure App had used a whopping 44% of our battery. The next closes app was Safari with only 8%.

We have also noticed that the Discovery Insure app so how manages to keep tracking you even after you have quit the application.

Maybe it’s time to delete the app and save your battery…

The app is now number 3 on the Free iOS App Chart.

App Store: Brazil 2014 – World Cup

The most popular and complete world cup 2014 app with extensive clear information and LIVE results.

The app contains: 
• The playing schedule 
• Results 
• Lineups 
• Goals 
• Group results 
• City and stadium information 
• Yellow and red cards
• Field formations 
• Match statistics
• Qualifying matches
• Player information (Photos, club, etc) 
• Topscorer 
• Venue map 
• Follow your favorites
• Push notifications 
• FIFA rankings 
• Add matches to your calendar