Are you an iGenius? (Apple Fan)

An iGenius is a person who has the power to influence the decisions of others in favour of Apple products?

Here’s some signs you might be an iGenius:

  • You won’t touch Android. Apple is supreme, simple as that.
  • You don’t mind the restrictions placed on iOS and Apple hardware. Apple probably knows best anyhow.
  • You are known for saying something similar to the following: “I choose Apple because it just works. I want something simple, not just an OS for nerds”.
  • You tend to look down at Samsung, calling it a cheap copy.

Signs you’re an extreme fanboy:

  • You believe Android is a cheap copy of iOS, ignoring the fact that iOS has taken many features from Android in recent years.
  • You tend to believe that Apple invented everything.
  • You say stuff like “Android is for poor people”.

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