Apple quietly updates iPad storage and drops prices

Apple quietly updated its lineup of older iPads, increasing the minimum storage on the iPad Air 2, the iPad mini 4, and the iPad mini 2 and lowering the prices of the maximum storage tier. The iPad Pro has also been updated with new pricing options, with Apple making storage increases more affordable.

It is unclear when this prices will become available in South Africa.

The iPad Air 2 is now available in 32 and 128GB configurations, priced at R7 599and R9 599, respectively, for the WiFi only models. Previously, Apple offered a 16GB model for R7 599 and a 64GB model for R9 599. 

The iPad mini 4 is now available in 32GB and 128GB configurations, priced at R7 499and R9 499 respectively, for the WiFi only models. Apple previously sold a 16GB iPad mini 4 for R7 499, a 64GB model for R9 599, and a 128GB model for R1 499. 

The iPad mini 2 is now only available in a 32GB capacity, priced at R4 999. Apple has done away with the 16GB model and has dropped the price of the new 32GB model to the price the 16GB model used to be sold at. 

As for the iPad Pro, Apple has dropped the prices on higher storage tiers by up to R1 800. Pricing on the iPad Pro is as follows: 

32GB – R14 999
128GB – R16 999
256GB – R18 999
128GB Cellular – R 19 499
256GB Cellular – R21 499

32GB – R11 499
128GB – R13 499
256GB – R15 499
32GB Cellular – R13 999
128GB Cellular – R15 999
256GB Cellular – R17 999