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Apple News has the best Buyers Guide in South Africa. No matter what Apple product you are looking to buy we will give you the most up to date advice on what is happening with that particular product.

The first half of 2013 was relatively quiet after a big end to 2012 but that leave lots of space for the second half of 2013.

Here is our Buyers Guide update for the rest of 2013:

iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 – Wait if you can

The iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 is set to be release sometime in September or October. The new iPhone will most likely come to South Africa in November or December depending of the release in the US.

iPad / iPad Mini  – Neutral (We don’t expect the update to have anything major)

Both the iPad and iPad Mini are expected to be updated before the end of the year. The iPad will get a smaller case that is similar to the iPad Mini and the iPad Mini will not expected to get a retina display. 

iPod  – Don’t Buy

Every year Apple releases new iPod’s and this year will be no different. Colours will be similar to the low cost iPhone.

Macbook Air – Buy Now

The Macbook Air was updated in May 2013

Macbook Pro – Don’t Buy 

We expect Apple is give a major update to the Macbook Pro before the end of the year. 

iMac – Buy 

Although it has been a while since Apple released to new iMac not much will change with a future update so don’t hold back if you want one. 

Mac Pro  – Don’t Buy

Apple has unveiled an updated Mac Pro but hasn’t give any more information about availability. The update is worth the wait so hold tight as the Mac Pro will be released before the end of 2013.

Mac Mini – Neutral 

Although Apple recently did a spec updated it is hard to predict the future of this product but we think Apple has something up it’s sleeve.  If you want one don’t hold back.

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