App Store: The Discovery Insure Driving Challenge

Join the Discovery Insure Driving Challenge and prove you are one of South Africa’s best drivers from 1 June – 31 August 2014. Simply download the Discovery Insure app, drive well and you could win your share of R1 000 000 in fuel vouchers or an unforgettable trip for four to the 2015 Monaco Grand Prix. Challenge your friends to earn more tickets and increase your chances. It’s game on!

The Driving Challenge is only available to South African citizens with a valid identification number and foreign nationals with valid passports who live in South Africa.
Note: The Discovery Insure app uses Location Services. When not driving, it does not use GPS. It uses battery-efficient methods to automatically determine the start of a trip, and stops detailed monitoring soon after a trip ends. The app is aware of your battery life and will not start monitoring a drive if the battery is low. Although the app has been designed to use the phone’s sensors in a battery-efficient way, running the app without a charger on long trips may drain the battery. 

The Discovery Insure app runs in the background. Please ensure that you have “Background App Refresh” turned on in Settings > General > Background App Refresh –> Insure.

To earn some extra points send us your Email Address and we will add you to our address book. Your Email Address will never be used for Marketing purposes and will not be stored on our system once you have been added.