New iMac’s, Mac Pro’s…?

Time to move on from the iPhone and onto what the future is going to bring us…


Just some iPhone updates…. It seems like the white iPhone has been delayed again and no date has been given as to when the white iPhone will be available. Is this going to be another PR problem or are Apple creating greater demand? Only time will tell…


Now to the iMac… Shipment dates for the entry level iMac has slipped and resellers have been told to not stock anymore. This is normal and gives us some idea of what products Apple will be updating. The iMac did receive a major update last September, although it is called a major update I don’t think it was that great as they only changed the screen. I think Apple could do many different things with this product the one thing that I am confident of is a name change. My reason… iDevices run iOS and other Devices run OS X.


This doesn’t mean that they will completely drop the iMac name… There have been rumours of an iMac running iOS with a touch screen. This could be very possible.


It also seems that the Mac Pro is becoming unavailable. I have previously said that this product needs an update. What will Apple do? I have no idea, how do you make the best desktop in the world better? Bigger processor? Bigger Hard Drive? USB 3.0? More RAM? Better graphics?


It will be a very interesting time for Apple. They haven’t had a great year for marketing and have had to do quite a bit of PR so they need to make people believe that they can make perfect products again!


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